The Archmage

Human Wizard


"Archmage Returns," Red Emerald Courier, vol. 43, no. 18.

Following an absence of nearly sixteen years, the Archmage of the University of Genera return'd to this City earlier this week, to general astonishment. The Magus, who says he has been conducting private research among the Giants of the West, was along ago presum'd deceased. He yesterday returned to his quarters in the Old College, though whether he intends to resume his former professorship remains unclear. Asked for further elucidation, the Old Man instead complained of some "infernal scoundrles" having drank all of his Milk.

"Arrangements Continue," Red Emerald Courier, vol. 43, no. 19.

Preparations remain underway for the Red Emerald Jubilee of OUR MOST BLESSED AND HOLY EMPEROR. . . . It is also hoped that the Archmage of the University will be able to attend, but he is reported to be in declining health. The venerable Magus is one of the few mortals now living who can remember the commencement of HIS HOLINESS' reign three hundred years ago.

The Archmage

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