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  • Icarian Pontificate

    The *Icarian Pontificate* is the governing quorum of the Icarian Faith of the Demiurge, analogous to the papacy. During the Rule of Faith (350 - 75 BE), the Pontificate indirectly governed Genera through a series of Steward Apostles beginning with …

  • Geoffrey de Fuqle

    During the Rule of Faith, *Geoffrey de Fuqle* was the fourteenth Steward Apostle of Genera. He was known for his patronage of the arts and sciences, spearheading the Galfridean Enlightenment. He founded the University of Genera in 110 BE and standardized …

  • Zachary the Little-Beloved

    *Zachary the Little-Beloved* was the sixteenth and final Steward Apostle of Genera. A tyrannical zealot, he was overthrown during the Reformation and ultimately beheaded, ending the Rule of Faith and beginning the Anarchy.

  • Confessor Thrace

    *Confessor Thrace* was the spiritual advisor to Sebaston IV, the last of the Old Kings of United Genera. When Sebaston died without issue, he appointed Thrace "Lord Protector of the Holy City." The Icarian Pontificate named Thrace "Steward Apostle of …

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